Happiness can be found at a table resplendent with fabulous food, glasses filled and great company.
It’s good for the soul and we should do it more often!


stone collection
Hamburger Plate
Hot Dog/Dessert Plate
Condiment Bowl
Grey collection
Hamburger Plate
Hot Dog/Dessert Plate
Condiment Bowl
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Goodness & Gosh was created by a bunch of friends living in the sunshine state of Queensland Australia. They all loved getting together over the BBQ and more often than not, the table was filled with conversation and laughter…but something was missing…
You see, it seems for outdoor dining, we tend to grab whatever plates, bowls and dishes that are handy, without considering how the table looks…
Nothing matches and much as the food and the company might be awesome, the table certainly wasn’t.
What if you could set an alfresco dining table as nicely as you do for any dinner party, but without the fuss?
Was it possible to have good food for outdoor dining, presented so that it takes your breath away?
The idea for Goodness & Gosh was born for you to enjoy.

Keep an eye out for fabulous alfresco dining ideas and products which will be dreamt up over this very table, with plenty of food, wine and laughter!

Enjoy life, dine well and best wishes, from our table to yours!

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