8 Useful Platter Ideas

Platters never fail to bring people together.
With so many food’s to chose from, and arrangements to draw in attention, no wonder platters are the perfect dish for events, parties and afternoon drinks.

However creating a platter from scratch can be a challenge and buying one is simply far too expensive. What foods goes with what? What dips are nicest? Is my plate big enough?

To help you out, here are the perfect types of platters you can easily make at home and look like a pro!

Cheese Board:

If you have a mom that’s a bit of a sweet tooth or is always on the search for her afternoon pick-me-up, and needs a little something else, Chain And Jo Sweets are ideal for her.

fruit platter: 
If it's that time of the year to enjoy sweet tropical delights or rich winter fruits, you can't go wrong with a healthy colourful fruit platter. Mix in nuts or chocolate to add extra choice.

If you're sitting on a beach or are hosting a seaside event, seafood platters can be perfect to set the mood. Whether its hot fish or cold oysters, everyone can enjoy the natural salts of the ocean.

 Meat Lovers Platter:
Being a meat lover doesn't restrict you to a steak.

Enjoy a light evening meat platter, which prosciutto and cheese or even olives to add some flavour and texture to the mix.

If you're someone that likes a bit of everything an antipasto platter will be your go-to. With a mix of fruits and veggies, meat and cheese and berries, this platter is never a let down for flavour.

Bread and Dip:
Who doesn’t fancy an easy bread and dip platter. Whether you're a bread lover or a dip lover, everyone can enjoy this entree or snack platter.

Do you know someone who has allergies, food intolerance or is just picky? A sectioned platter isn't as complicated as it sounds. Putting fruits next to fruits and meats next to meats and dividing each food family with bread is one simple way to create a sectioned platter. 

Got leftover veggies? A Crudité platter will be your go too. As it only consists of vegetables, the dip is your choice.

Whether it be french onion or Tzatziki the choice is yours.

If you have chosen your perfect platter and need the perfect plate for it. Check out our Goodness And Gosh Platter Plate HERE

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