Great Gifts For A Good Christmas

Thanksgiving has passed and Christmas is on its way. Shopping for a mom who likes to cook can be challenging, especially when finding something she would love.

Whether you chose something unique and different or something simple, you would want her to love and give it good use.

Here are 5 gift ideas for your mom you won't mess up this Christmas!

gifts for mom

 Chain And Jo Sweets | Instagram: @Chainandjosweets

If you have a mom that’s a bit of a sweet tooth or is always on the search for her afternoon pick-me-up, and needs a little something else, Chain And Jo Sweets are ideal for her.

With individually wrapped biscotti sets and gift boxes, and flavours from Butterscotch, Chocolate Chunks and even Peanut Butter. These light and tasty treats can add to her afternoon coffee.

Cheese Board: 
If your mum is a cheese lover, or just loves snacks. Gift her the perfect gift of a cheeseboard.

They are great for picnic’s, events and just something nice to have at home for the whole family to use.

Pasta Machine:
Homemade pasta is the best but it can be tricky to cut.

If your mom hates wasting time on intricate recipes but still wants her cooking to be homemade, a pasta machine is excellent for her.

Not only does it help her save time but also learn new ways to cut and design her pasta.

 Cocktail Maker Set:
Homemade cocktails are the best especially when it gets into the warmer months of summer.

Why not treat your mom to a cocktail maker so she can experiment with new recipes or stick to her favourite. 

Bees Wrap:
Nothing is worse than having an overflowing drawer of cling wrap. Not only is cling wrap a pain to use, it cant be recycled.

A new invention called bees wrap uses beeswax and can be recycled and has multiple usages.

If your mom is wanting to become more environmentally friendly especially with something she loves, bees wrap won't let you go wrong.

gifts for dad

Dad’s can be a pain to shop for, especially dads that love to grill. If you're someone that has little knowledge about grilling, do not stress.

Here are 5 great gifting ideas you can buy your dad for Christmas that will keep him happy at the grill.

Pizza Oven:
If your dad is into his pizza and constantly buys it frozen or store-bought, an at-home pizza oven is ideal for him.

Not only can he create his favourite pizza but also try so many different flavours that he can't buy in a store.

Meat Claws:
We know how dads aren't very articulate when it comes to cooking. And sometimes it can be a bit messy.

If your dad loves making a mess, meat claws will be perfect for him.

He can tear up any type of meat and get his hands dirty in the making.

Grilling Apron: 
If your dad isn't such a messy guy, then a grilling apron is perfect.

Not only can you get funny aprons or high-quality grilling aprons you can get him one he will love and help him protect his clothes.

Spiceology | Instagram: @Spiceology 

Spiceology knows what flavour is and have so many flavours for every dish.

Give your dad the gift of flavour and spice this Christmas with a pot of Spiceology’s herb and spice sets.

Savernake knives | Instagram: @Savernake_knives

A knife set is great, but sometimes you need the right knife for the right cut of meat.

If your dad is a griller and loves to use specific grilling tools, Savernake Knives won't let you go wrong this Christmas.

Savernake Knives have a range of knives from butcher to Yeoman.

merry christmas

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