Summer Is Here Are You Ready?

Schools out for summer, it’s piping hot and it’s time to get ready to feed the masses and entertain the crowd.

There often seems to be so much to do, from cleaning the yard, dusting off the furniture and checking the grill, to making sure those pesky bugs stay away.

But don’t panic, we’ve got you covered with these practical tips, tools and delicious recipes to make sure you entertain in style, keeping everyone happy and enjoying yourself at the same time.

Practical tips and delicious recipes for the summer!

1. Get your grill ready

Mental Floss is all about tips and tricks when it comes to summer cleaning. Especially outdoor cleaning, as it can be a challenging feat.
Here are their 10 hacks to help you get your grill ready for summer.
​​Grill Cleaning Hacks​​​

2. Better Homes & Gardens

Better Homes & Gardens are known for their awesome advice when it comes to lifestyle. They know how important a bbq is to a summer lunch and they are spreading the word of how to prepare for the best bbq lunch you can imagine.
BBQ Prepared

3. Ready, Steady…cook!

From a beginner to a chef, Delish is helping anyone with any level of cooking knowledge, perfect any cut of steak this summer.
Delish Cooking​​​

4. Best Grilling Recipes!

​If you thought 50 tips for grilling was a lot. How about 78! Country Living is blowing the world of grilling out of the water with their amazing and plentiful tips and tricks to own your grilling skills.
Grilling Recipes

5. Try something new

Want to try something new this summer? Whether it be a new recipe or a new grill Huffington Post has all the advice you need when trying out something new this summer!
New From The Post​​​​

6. Spice Up The Kitchen

Need a new look for summer? The Kitchen is filled with awesome ways for you to prepare your kitchen for the summertime heat and parties.
Kitchen Preparation Tips

7. Get ready for the bugs

Summer sun, warmth and longer evenings..sounds delightful, except when the bugs come out to join us.

Here are some great tips to help keep them at bay and make your BBQ’s more inviting to the guests you want to stick around.
Pest Control

8. Want to expand your horizons?

Running out of ideas this summer?
Have you ever wanted to take an amazing summer road trip? National Geographic has put together the best adventures that you and your friends can do over a weekend!
National Geographic Adventures

9. Give your tastebuds something new to try

​​​CNN Travel is all about trying something new. Experiencing different cultures and foods can help bring together you and your family. Not only are you trying a new dish, but you could be finding your next favourite!

CNN Travel Summer Food

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