Surviving Summer

It’s August. Which means the end of summer is nearly here and school is about to start. Why not spend the last of it enjoying time with friends and family in every way possible before going back tot he grind. Here is a list of recipes, activities and hacks you should try before summer is up!

 1. Who loves a food festival?
Can't be bothered making lunch in the heat? Good thing there are plenty of summer food festivals this summer that are filled with yummy treats. Inexpensive and enjoyable, food festivals are the best way to bring together the family this summer.
America's Best Summer Food Festivals

2. Beat the Heat
Henry Ford knows how hot it can get, especially behind the stove. His simple quick to make recipes are not only going to save you boiling away in the kitchen, but save you the hassle of time consuming recipes that are so uncool for summer. 
Henry Ford Live Well

3. Cool down with a refreshing drink
Sick of basic soft drink? Try out these awesome summer drinks that anyone can enjoy with simple ingredients and methods! Cool down with an iced drink and add some flavour into summer!
Summer Drinks

 4. Too Hot for a hearty meal?
No one likes eating heavy meals during summer and salads are so basic. The next best thing this summer is platters for the whole family to enjoy! Share a variety of foods and flavours for those picky eaters and flavour cravers!
Grazing Platters

5. Things to do with your kids before they go back to school 
Sun’s out, school’s out! Spend the rest of summer break with the kids before they go back to school. If you're running out of inexpensive things to do then you've come to the right place. Check out Good housekeeping for plenty of ideas you will enjoy with your kids this summer!
Summer Bucket List

6. The Must Try Cocktail List 
Margaritas not hitting the spot anymore? Well why not try out some new flavours this summer. Mix up the cocktails this summer!
Summer Cocktails

7. Cant be bothered cooking?
Bored of lettuce and dressing? Why not try out  something different? Delish has 55 easy to make summer salads that you'll never get bored of!
Summer Salads

8. Relaxing outdoor activities 
Want to beat the heat this summer? why not go on an adventure with hr family. have put together an awesome list of outdoor activities that you and your family can enjoy and space the heat!
Fun Outdoor Activities

9. Cool off at the beach!
Nothing is more relaxing than spending the day at the beach this summer! Here are some awesome DIY beach hacks you should know this summer!
Beach Party Ideas

10. Spend the last days of summer grilling up a storm
The end of summer is near and the sunsets are the best right now! Why not spend every second loving the warmth with these end of summer grilling recipes everyone will enjoy!
Summer Grilling Recipes

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Kimberly has always been creative enjoying drama, science and the arts. Her hobbies include cooking, reading and visiting homewares stores to browse quality selections. Kimberly and her family spend most evenings enjoying alfresco dining and socialising with friends. She loves to entertain making fresh food, salads and sipping wine while John cooks up a great BBQ on the grill. Developing and writing about the Goodness & Gosh plates and bowls has become a true passion enabling her to share the products that she really loves and enjoy the quality presentation of the food they create.

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