Top 10 Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving is just around the corner!

And preparations are in place, but what about the food?

Have you had the same turkey recipe year after year and you're beginning to get bored of gravy and seasoning?
So are we, here are 10 great recipes you can't mess up and will most definitely enjoy this thanksgiving season!

 1. Sweet Potato Casserole:
A vegetable casserole is the perfect side dish to fill your plate. It's healthy and light to eat, leaving you with plenty of room for the main course.

But have you ever enjoyed a sweet potato casserole with a crunchy topping and cinnamon seasoning?

​Sweet Potato Casserole​ Recipe​​​

2. Balsamic-Roasted Brussels Sprouts: 
We know, not everyone loves brussel sprouts, but this recipe will let everyone enjoy their flavour of sweet and strong, covering their plain cabbagy aftertaste.

This recipe calls for no brain power as it only requires 5 ingredients!

Brussels Sprouts Recipe​​​

3. Perfect Cranberry Sauce:
Cranberry Sauce can either be a blessing or a disaster, whether it be too runny, too sweet or undercooked.

Cranberry sauce is the perfect topping for your turkey and veggies and you can't go wrong with this simple recipe!

Cranberry Sauce Recipe​​​

 4. Sausage and Herb Stuffing:
There are so many different types of stuffing.
And some can take all day to prepare with so many ingredients and preparations.

This sausage and herb stuffing will only take you 1 hour to prepare and can be enjoyed by everyone, even the kids this thanksgiving.

Stuffing Recipe

5. Best Ever Green Bean Casserole:
If you’re someone who loves their greens, this green bean casserole is the perfect dish this thanksgiving.

Vegetables really help bring the dish together and only taking 45 minutes to prepare, it is simple and delicious that the whole family can enjoy!

Green Bean Casserole Recipe​​​

6. Classic Turkey Gravy:
Gravy can be an absolute nightmare and store-bought gravy is so tempting at this time of the year.

Why not try a new recipe and surprise your family and friends with this delicious topping. With only 6 ingredients you can't go wrong, don't feel guilty for buying gravy from the store this thanksgiving.

Gravy Recipe​​​

7. Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Honey and Cinnamon:
If your tastebuds are searching for something new, then this is the perfect recipe you and the family with love.

This is an easy 45-minute recipe that only has 5 ingredients! Be fancy this thanksgiving and try out this warm and flavoursome dish.

Sweet Potato Recipe​​​

8. Creamy Mashed Potatoes: 
When you're in the kitchen rushing around trying to cook 6 dishes at once, the mash potatoes are usually denied any attention.

And in these cases, this is lead to runny, clumpy and cold mash. Ever wanted to have creamy, seasoned mash at the table?

Spread some love into your mash this thanksgiving and create an easy 6 ingredient dish that everyone will love.

Mashed Potato Recipe​​​

9. Pecan Pie: 
Pumpkin pie is great for dessert, but what about pecan pie.

For those with a love for nuts, this dessert will be your favourite.

With only 6 ingredients this pecan pie is a one of a kind and can be enjoyed by anyone craving a sugary, nutty hit.

Pecan Pie Recipe​​​

10. Easy no-fuss Thanksgiving turkey:

​Have you been using the same seasoning on your turkey every Thanksgiving and want to switch it up?

Turkey can be such an easy dish to prepare but finding the right seasonings can be a challenge.

Scratch, has put together a list of seasonings you can use to cook a flavoursome, golden turkey this Thanksgiving.

Turkey Recipe​​​

happy thanksgiving!

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